30 December 2012

Takaisin Suomessa ja tapetilla Maalämpö

Elossa! Minä siis.

Suomeen palattu, kieli muuttunut englannista suomeksi ja muutenkin tullut nähtyä paikallisia paikkoja ja vanhoja tuttuja. On siis kotonakin käyty enemmän viime aikoina. Mistä tullutkin mieleeni. Porukat asuvat 70-luvulla rakennetussa talossa ja ollaan pienestä pitäen katsottu öljyrekan tulevan pihalle, tuhoavan puolet pihasta tullessaan ja loput lähtiessään. On siinä viikkorahat olleet vähissä, kun kaikki rahat on kulunut öljymaksuihin. Kyse on siis öljylämmityksestä.

Ollaan puhuttu sen vaihtamisesta ja tarjouksiakin kyselty. Näin ainakin talon isännän mukaan. Pihalla on sitä paitsi vanha porakaivo johon sen voisi soveltaa ja siten säästää porauskuluissa. Onneksi on omasta takaa minikaivuri jolla voi kaivaa sen puolitoista metriä syvän ojan putkille. Kaivo kun sijaitsee 60 metriä talon teknisestä tilasta. Saisipa öljypannun ja -säiliöt heitettyä ovesta hevon halvattuun ja rakentaa vaikka pienen harrastusvajan tyhjiin tiloihin.

Geodrill on ainakin yksi palveluntarjoaja joilla on muun muassa referenssikartta josta voi katsoa mihin kaikkialle he ovat jo poranneet maalämmön. Naapureilla selkeästi ei kuitenkaan sitä vielä ole. Tätä kuitenkin odottaessa. Talo pitäisi rempata kuitenkin läpikotaisin, niin mikäpä ettei vaihdettaisi myös lämmitysjärjestelmä.

Ei muuta kuin jäädään ihmettelemään miten tämä setti etenee. Siinä lomassa voisin jopa alkaa kirjoittelemaan useammin.

Over 'n out!

28 July 2012

Winging it

"How to write something catchy, witty and existentially interesting.." - I don't have a clue at the moment, that's why I'm just writing about what I've been through today.

Winging it. What does it mean? In my case it means 'not taking life too seriously'. When I realized it's Sunday and the last bus departed two hours earlier than thought I had to revamp my brain into 'winging it' mode. See, I was at our summer house and it's not the most central part of Finland.

An hour later waiting for the next ferry I know how to make great schnaps, liqueur and Calvados after talking with an old sailor who claims that the best rhum origins from the Caribbean. Turns out that the reason why he became a hobby botanist is that he couldn't stand the taste of vodka, so he wanted to alter it with natural herbs.

Later on I got a ride from a friend who I thought was in the area, but he drove 30km and he threw me to Turku in a Subaru going about 120mph (about 192km/h) on the freeway.

After a few detours I'm on a train towards Helsinki with one couple reading aloud from a book in Finglish, a few kids training for 100m Olympics on the 2nd floor and a baby crying her socks off. Did I mention I'm still jet lagged from a three week vacation in California that I got back from this Tuesday?

Finding a place to sleep in Helsinki has been organized too, but it might be that I won't get too much sleep before take off to Spain tomorrow morning.

'Winging it' is a profession to master at any age. You just go with it. Life is good. In-joy!

29 May 2012

Cow Society

We had to pick a theme for a picture today. My suggestion was "City" which was proposed with "Society". I accepted "Society" with zero ideas ...until I saw this society of Cows.


Taken with an Iphone 4S

25 May 2012

Bill Clinton praising the Finnish summer

Have you ever had dreams that goes on with you years after they've happened? Have they ever occurred while you're suffering from a mean fever?

I have. I'm in that exact phase of collecting memories through my dreams.

Night between 23rd and 24th: Bill Clinton

I'm on a cruise ship on a lake surrounded by birches on a warm summer evening walking around when I spot Bill Clinton glazing into the future and, without hesitating I greet him like any old friend;

"Hello, Bill! I see you made it here. How are you?", to which he looks at me and responds;
"Well, hello there. I'm fine. I'm sitting here and observing the people walking around me. No one recognizes me, which made me realize how beautiful and calm the Finnish summer really is."
...silence and nodding from my part; "I fully agree with you on that part".
"Furthermore, I think I have a crush on a Finnish girl" he adds.

I wake up, notice the birch covered wall next to my bed and eat breakfast.

Night between 24th and 25th: The flying fire ball

Let me point out that the infamous movie Inception does include some facts about dreams, such as it doesn't have a beginning nor an end, it just kind of is.

So here I am walking around with a good old friend who suddenly says that she have to go check on her mother and that she will be right back. I suddenly end up in a big sauna all by myself, naked of course as we Finns usually are. After a while a big group of people enters the sauna and they all claim to be my friends, although I've never met anyone of them before. I chat with them for a few minutes (or hours, or days, who knows, what do you think, Leonardo DiCaprio?) and feel a bit awkward getting that world renowned semi-wood that occurs to some men in a sauna.

When I realize I haven't seen my friend for a while I leave the sauna and end up in a locker room. Nobody there. Except the naked Me. I continue my search for this missing important person, until I finally find her. She looks insane, mad and incredibly angry. She has a murderous sight, nailed on me. I'm both relieved and a bit freaked out when seeing her and when I get towards her, she does something ...extra terrestrial.

She jumps off a balcony (10 floors) through the roof of a barn. While I'm screaming for help and feeling anxious about if have I done something wrong, seconds later she flies away as a fire ball.

I'm left perplexed, without an answer on what I've just experienced and why it ended the way it did.

I'm experiencing freaky fever dreams. Are you?

29 April 2012

Photo competition #2 "Sinful"

Photo competition with an iphone 4s

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